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On our homepage you will find our scheduled start dates. We always start after the holidays and end with our courses before the holidays.

The course fee is 16,00 € per hour. The courses can only be booked completely.

In the case of beginners' course, a lateral entry is usually not advisable, as the lessons build on what has been learned in the previous lessons. In exceptional cases, a special arrangement is possible. However, this requires a trial lesson to determine whether your child can be smoothly integrated into the course. For the bronze & silver course a trial swim is necessary. Here one will determin if your child fits into the running group. If this is not the case, please wait for the start of a new course in your own interest and especially in that of your child.

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a blanket manner. It depends on many factors: For example, the (previous) experience, age, physique and motor skills, the child's motivation (to learn to swim), and temperament (fearful, very brave, lively).

Regular attendance is important for success. Breaks, e.g. due to illness, always lead to regression.

We have deliberately decided against a fixed number of practice hours in the structure of the course system. Not every child learns equally fast or equally well! The time limit of the lessons, so the respective start or end, always result from the holiday regulations in NRW. (we conduct the courses only outside the vacation periods in NRW, exception: vacation actions) Accordingly, the courses will start on the first Saturday after the respective vacations or end on the last Saturday before the vacations. The exact dates can be found on the start page. If your child has reached the goal of the course, we recommend taking the respective follow-up course. If your child needs a little longer, simply book the same course again. We are happy to advise you.

When your child brings home its first badge the “Seepferdchen” it is very important to give your child the opportunity to continue practicing what they have just learned in order to consolidate it, since the badge is just the start of the safe swimming journey. We kindly want to point out that some children will overestimate their skills after receiving their first badge, which is why we recommend participating in the following course to build their skills even more.

– Swimsuit / swim trunks (please no long swimming shorts).
– If available, bathing slippers (reduces the risk of slipping).
– Shower kit and a towel

Please do not bring: Swim aids, swimming goggles (in the beginner course), jewelry or toys!

In the “Schwimmzentrum Kettwig” it is unfortunately not possible due to organizational reasons to accompany your child in the first hour. However, you can watch your child from the café or from the vestibule for the entire hour.

At the beginning of the course our instructors will pick up all children from the locker rooms to accommodate them to the swimming pool as well as back to the locker rooms after it has finished. It is necessary that your child is fully changed for our instructors to gather the children.

In the following lessons your child will independently find the way from the locker rooms to our meeting point and back.

Please note the admission and pick-up times.

All course participants are members of the Schwimmverein Kettwig 07 e.V. for the entire duration of the courses and are insured against accidents through this. This is a temporary membership in SV Kettwig 07 e.V., which expires at the end of the course. Further rights or obligations beyond the actual, booked course offer do not result from this time-limited membership for both sides.

Bevor the courses start all payments must be made for your child to successfully participate. The exact price can be found here. If there is an overpayment due to a missed lesson on our part, the amount will be refunded.

If the lesson takes place, the lesson must be paid for, even if your child is absent during the lesson. If a lesson is cancelled on our part it is not to be paid. In case of an overpayment due to a lession cancellation (e.g. due to maintenance work), the amount will be refunded.